Character List!

This is where you & my self can keep track and up to date on the characters i have! As i have a lot! I have them all in 4 categories! Suit characters, Main characters, Other characters & Characters i have had some or full part in development but do not own. The list is in no order of when they were created! 

Suit Characters 

1. Yoka

Suit characters are characters i have turned into fursuits! These are my very main ones with the most back story to them and art!

Yoka is a Cannax. A Cannax is a mythical species created by my self. It originates from Foxes, Cats and the video game speices called Lombax from the game ratchet and clank. Which it's self orinated from fannec foxes.

Yoka started of as a pink and black wolf.[For some reason] But then was turned into a blue and white fox-dog. She was this for a while and is the reason she looks more dog like in early art as well as why her tail was large and fluffy. Later was adapted into a cat-fox as i found my self feeling more conected to cats then i did with dogs. Yoka has been worked on since around 2012 and even know she is a very simple idea has had much work and time put into her charcter. Belive it or not. 

Now she is the sassy, cute Cannax with spiky grey hair who always weares a jacket.

3. Cola

Cola is a Draco Nitiri. Which translates to "Soda Dragon"

3. Samé

4. Revie

Main Characters 

Characters of mine that are not fursuits! 

5. Fennic

6. Seala

7. Coral

8. Nalu

9. Teacup

10. Slushie

Other Characters

 (This includes designs for characters or suits!)