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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are suits so expensive?

These costumes take a lot of time and money to make. As well as rent needing to be made to keep a workshop running to make your costume! 


Did you go to school to learn how to make suits?

Nope! I did study art at school and college but at least 80% of what I know I have learned from practice and watching YouTube videos. 

Do you sell Your foam bases?

No, sorry!

Can I have a free suit? 


Can you teach me how to make a suit?

No, I am too busy. There are many videos and help online for you to teach yourself!  Join a Facebook group, they help too!

Can you tell me how YOU make a suit? 

Each maker has their own way of making a suit. But they are all made from the basics, start from there and find your own way. 

Can I have/buy your patterns?


Would you make a head in another maker’s style?

No! Each artist is different, if you want a suit to look like theirs then you will have to pay them to make you what you want. However, if you like a certain suit feature (eyes, nose etc.) and would like to know whether I can offer that feature, feel free to ask. I may be able to do it. But please keep in mind, I make suits in my own way and style. Therefore as an artist, I reserve the right to refuse commissions if I do not like/agree with the request. 


How long does it take to make a suit?

It all depends on the complexity of the suit design and what you want. As well as what is going on in my own life. 

What do you use to make a suit?

It depends on the suit. There is a lot of things i use, to many to go into full detail. But mostly upholstery foam and faux fur. 

Do you make characters from video games and TV shows?

I prefer original characters that you have created, or i have created but I have no problem with some characters from video games and TV shows! It depends on the character. 

Can I buy a suit from your gallery? 

All the suits in the gallery are commissions for customers. So you cannot buy them. 

If I own a character you made / I adopted a character from you do I get a discount for a suit?

No. Sorry. I used to offer this option a while back but now i charge for my designs.  

Can i have a Cola suit?

I have no problem with you making or owning a fursuit inspired by a fizzy drink, or anything for that matter. I don't own this theme so it is not down to me. But please don't copy my character 100%. Make your own design an please make sure they don't look to similar! It is not fun for either of us if we are copys of each other. How ever i will not make any fursuit inspired from any Cola related product as i have already done this and it is one of my personal suits! 

Can i have a speaker suit?

Yes! Again, i don't own this concept! I got this idea from a friend and even she dose not own this concept. But please don't copy any one who has this idea. Feel free to have speakers in your suit as long as you do not copy any one's design and character! I also recommend knowing a technician!  These tec suits can get complex and even dangerous if you do not know what you are dong! However i do not offer this option in any costume i make on commission! 

Can i have a suit with lights in it?

Yes! Again, i don't own this concept! No one dose! So go ahead! I also offer lights in suits i make on commission! 

Can i have a DDR suit?

You can yes. How ever i will not make any suit inspired by this since i have already done so and it is a personal suit! If you do want to make or commissioning a suit from else were please make sure it doesn't look like mine! I worked hard on designing Eevie so please make yours different! Please also don't copy my concept of the suit or steal the name! 

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