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*Not what you want?; We currently do not take custom orders for other things, such as puppets, models, molds, digital art, ect. We sell pre-made costume parts and other items in small one-off batches that we list for sale in our shop

You can also check out this PAGE for pre-made costumes. 

Below is information on how to order a custom character costume.

Please be aware: That we only accept payments in GBP ( £ ) British Currency! Not sure what that translates into your currency? Click here!

STEP 1: Make Sure to Read Our TOS!

Before getting involved in a custom costume, it is key that you have read our Terms Of Service! [TOS] Failing to do so can end up with major issues down the line. This TOS is there to protect both us & YOU. As well as letting you know what we

expect from you and what you are getting into when ordering. 

STEP 2: Have A Reference Sheet!

We can not make you a costume based off a description. This is because it is very easy to make something wrong when both parties can not visually see what is going to be made. In some situations we can work something out so if you do not have a ref sheet please contact us before hand. The sheet can be digital or traditional, (hand drawn) however we prefer digital. Either option must be clear and have a front, back and side view of the character. If the character has different markings on the left side compared to the right side, we will require both a left side and a right side. Unless both sides are identical. Otherwise we will assume both sides are the same.  It is best if the reference sheet is flat colored. (Meaning, without shading/lighting added. ) This makes it easier for us to identify what is a different color of fur/pattern and what is just a shadow. We also ask that you have a hex code on your reference sheet or able to provide us with it in writing. This helps us pick out your fur color much better, because different monitors and the eyes of a artist can differ, making your color of "blue" not appear the correct blue". It is key to also make it clear what colors are meant to be fur, and what colors are not fur. This makes it easier for us to give a more accurate price when looking at your sheet.
If you choose the option of hand drawn please provide a scan of the photo (you can download a scanner app for most smart phones if you do not have access to a printer scanner)

How do i get a reference sheet? You can get many "free to use" reference sheets online. Or you can commission a reference sheet from an online artist. Please make sure not to use any copyrighted material. Doing so will void your contract and slot with us and you could lose your money. We do not knowingly accept any copyrighted materials

ref example bad 1.jpg

This is a detailed character/reference sheet. However, it is still hard to tell what colors are wanted. Remember, different monitors, printers & eyes work different and show different colors. It is also good to state what colors are going to be what materials, fur, fleece, plastic ect. 

While this is a "reference" of a character It is not a detailed "Reference Sheet" or "character sheet". I can't clearly see the sides and i can't see the back at all. I also am un able to fully tell if the darker parts are shading/shadows or if they are different fur colours. 

ref example good.jpg

This is a detailed character/reference sheet. And it clearly shows what colors are wanted, with color hex codes and writing along with a photo reference of fur that is wanted to be used. The species is also listed along with a gender and expression. 

The more details, the better!

STEP 3: Know What You Want!

So, you have read the TOS, Have a reference sheet on hand, now what?


Now you need to ask your self, what type of costume you want?

We currently offer the following:

  • Head Only Slots - Starts from £1,100

  • Semi Partial Slots (Head, Hands & Tail) - Starts from £2,000

  • Full Partial Slots (Head, Hands, Tail & Feet) - Starts from £2,250

  • Plantigrade Full Costume (Full body costume with no leg padding) - Starts from £3,000

  • Full digitigrade Costume (Full body costume with no leg padding) - Starts from £3,500

Also make sure to check here to check that we are open for what your want.

STEP 4: Payment Ready?

It's okay to just "be interested" but please, if you are only "interested" in the idea of getting a custom costume with out 100% intentions in going ahead with it, or do not currently have the funds to do so, please do not submit a order/commission request. We get a lot inquiries that seem like they are going to go ahead, but after much back and forth, the buyer reveals they do not have any funds. This wastes a huge amount of our time and we no longer provide this type of information help service that we used to because of this.
You must have a £200 deposit to hold your slot. We will not begin work on the costume until 50% has ben paid off.  
We accept monthly payments plan of 15% and above. 
Not sure how to work out the % ? You can use this calculator! 

STEP 5: Submit

All ready to go? Then click the botton below that will take you to the commission forms!

Please remember that submitting the form does NOT guarantee you a slot and that we reserve the right to turn down any character we are not interested in making at this time.

We look for cute, unique, interesting or bright character designs

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