With this service you get support with designing a full original character of your very own!

You can ask all the questions you have/need and have support when designing the “furry” you!

You will work with Yoka to make sure you are happy with your character and design before the character goes into production. Buy purchasing this service you will receive at the end a digital reference sheet for you to use to commission your new fluffy friend.


Final Finished product veriers from person to person, feel free to check before buying. 

Esitmated finish time is 1-2 months. Please understand that this could be longer depending on your own life siutation and if thre are any issues in being able to talk regulary with us. 


Our buissnes hours are normally 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Yoka still may comunicate with you out side of these hours. Additionally please respect that you will still be on a waiting list and will be comunicated to as well as have your ref sheet worked on inbetween/outside main fursuit comission slots. 

NOTE: Please provide email or contact information when ordering. OR keep copy of perches for record and send us an email at chantelle@cwoodsdeancreations.com

Or send us a message on Facebook! 



Character Design & Support Service