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Hiring & Preforming 

Bookings – Terms and Conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions of our agreement with you to supply a family entertainer(s)/performer for the party. When you complete and return the booking form you must ensure that it is complete and accurate. You may cancel at any time. Your deposit will always be non-refundable unless for some reason the performer is not available for the duration of the party. Deposit must be made in advanced to secure your booking. And then the rest should be paid upon arrival of the entertainer. If payment is not met our entertainers have the right to leave without preforming and your deposit will still be non-refundable. In extreme cases our performers are allowed to leave if they feel in danger, uncomfortable or harassed in any way during the time with you. In the case of this they will let you know and are allowed to leave and you could lose up to the full amount of pay.


You’re Responsibilities:

  • Prior to the performer arriving you must make sure the area where the performer will work is safe and free from all potential hazards. The performer will also check the working area on arrival and let you know immediately if they have any concerns.

  • You will be responsible for any personal injury caused to one of our performers as a result of your negligence.

  • You must let us know when booking what style of party it is and if there is a theme. As well as what age the party is for. We will do our best to provide you with the right type of character for the suitable age. For example, some of our characters are made to look more cute and do not speak which young children like more. As to some other costumes that do speak and are suitable for more of an older audience. We will do our best to advice you on what characters to book but the final decision is down to you and it is not our reasonability if the guests do not like the chosen character.

  • You must be aware that every character has a real human being in side and they will get hot very quickly. We ask to make sure windows and/or doors are open or air conditioning is available to allow the performer to keep cool and not over heat. If these conditions are not met a performer may still be able to be booked but there is a higher chance of us not being able to provide one for you. We also ask to have a separate room away from children and guests for the performer to get changed and store their stuff while they are with you. This room needs to be accessible while the performer is with you so they can use this room to cool off for a few moments and have a drink during the performance.

  • We off a 2 hours period with the performer. This is the minimum amount of time you can book. If you wish to book more hours you can freely do so but this will increases the price. If on the day you wish to extend your time with the performer you can pay the performer before the original 2 hours, during or after. You must do this before they have already changed and packed up to leave. They will tell you the extra price to pay if you wish to have them stay but they have the right to refuse if they have other plans or are too tired.

  • You must ensure that there is at least [1] parent per [15] children responsible for the conduct of the children. Although our performers will use their reasonable efforts to motivate and excite the children it is not their or our duty to discipline or control bad behaviour. Addition to this, all performers have limited vision and hearing so we ask there always be a responsible adult presents at all times.


  • In some cases, tails, wings and other parts of the character’s costume have been palled and damaged. You will be responsible for any damage, not related to normal wear and tear that any child causes to the performers equipment at cost (maximum £1,000);

  • You must inform us of any children with allergies, illnesses or any type of disability before the party. If it transpires that special help is required for any children then you must ensure this is available at all times;

  • You must inform us if you have any pets, mainly animals that are freely roaming around and have fur. We ask to have all pets in a separate room when the performer is presents to prevent any scares and stress caused to the pets. Some animals do not like these costumes and can upset them badly. It is also essential that any animals do not have any fleas, ticks or any other insects on them, even not being in the room as these can be transported onto the fur of our costumes.

  • To use our reasonable endeavours to provide a performer for your party. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of personal services that we cannot guarantee this. For example due to accident or ill health. We will inform you immediately we are aware that a performer is not available or will be delayed. If a performer is unable to attend the party your deposit in full will be refunded to you promptly


We do not accept liability for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by you as an indirect or consequential nature.

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