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Terms of Service

By commissioning Cwoodsdean Creations you agree to the following statements listed below.

This is a legal binding contract between us at Cwoodsdean Creations & You, Commision-e. 

Anything agreed to by both parties (cwoodsdean creations and the client) in writing, including email, Facebook or other social media is legally binding. Cwoodsdean Creation saves digital copies of all communication between both parties. We do not share any personal or non personal information. 

By commissioning us and by paying the non-refundable deposit you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. 

By commissioning us you agree that if you have any problems, concerns or questions about your commission or us as a businesses.  you will come to us directly with these issues and do not post negative feedback of any kind to social media or any form of public forums. This feedback consists but is not limited to; Slander, abuse, false or inaccurate claims, or any general negative expression about the commission, Cwoodsdean Creations as a whole or anyone involved or associated with us. If you do not approach us with your problems or concerns we can not help you. We always try our best to make sure each and every client is happy and satisfied. 

Quotes can and may change over time. If you have received a quote in the past this does not mean that will still be the price later.  We have the right to increase or decrease our prices as we see fit. However, this will be made clear to the client if and when they do and will not be changed after the commission has been started, unless client has asked for extra parts, or changed something that would otherwise increase the price. In most cases we do not allow for big changes to be made after the commission has been started. 

Adding extra parts can increases your bill and increases time on the commission. We also hold the rights to refuse any extra parts or major changes to the commissions once the deposit has been made and the commission has been agreed on.

We will not accept materials such as fabric/foam/etc. from clients. We will only work with materials that we have supplied. We have the right to refuse materials of any sort from a client. But will take suggestions. 

The client is responsible for making it clear if they have any allergies! Such as (animals, foods or scents) While our current workshop is a smoke & Animal free space, there is always a slight risk to those who are extremely allergic to some products such as glues or certain fabrics. We cannot be held responsible if they do not tell us before the commission has started. 

We are not responsible for any injuries, health issues or even death caused by wearing our product(s). It is your responsibility for yourself or anyone wearing your product(s) made by us to be safe,  such as keeping hydrated,  not over heating, being respectful in public places and being sensible while wearing a fursuit or any costume made by us to prevent falling and causing  injuries.  Please take proper care.


All payments must be made using PayPal or bank transfer.

All payments must be sent as GBP ( £££ ) Great British Pound Sterling.

Cwoodsdean Creation requires a 35% non-refundable down-payment to hold your spot in the queue. The commission will be added to our 'to-do list' from this date. And will be started when it reaches the top of the list, or has been otherwise given a start date.


Your commission will not be sent until FULL PAYMENT has been made. Even if the fursuit has been fully finished before you have finished paying for it. 

We will not ship your fursuit in parts based upon how much you have paid off. Your commission must be paid in full in order to obtain your costume which will be shipped once it is complete.

Monthly payments must be at least 15%. 


Due to the world issues of the COVID-19 pandemic we understand funds can be difficult and sometimes we can not predict hard times ahead. If you find your self in a hard position and can not pay the 15% monthly payment, please get in contact us. We understand and as long as you keep in contact with us and pay something each month and give us enough heads up we are happy to work with you. 

Monthly payments will be counted on from the date that the initial deposit payment is made. Unless the client has asked for a set date. (Example: Payed the deposit on 20th of April but asks to pay monthly payments on the 25th of each month to due payday.) If no date is asked for and set the payment date will be the date the deposit is made.

Payment plans MUST be set up i the beginning,  either via Bank transfer or PayPal as a standing order/direct debit. 

When paying we allow safety days. You have 5 days after the pay date to pay or a fee will be added to your bill. If the payment has not been met at all after this time your commission will be delayed and pushed back in the queue as well as incurring a penalty fee.

The fee for missing a pay date is 5% of the commission total. We rather people get in contact with us if they find themselves unable to pay the full amount and can pay some of it then not tell us and miss the payment. If you do this the fee will be added. 

Once a commission has been mutually agreed upon and the deposit has been received, the client will be added to our queue. If a payment has not been received on the agreed dates, even with safety days, small fees will be added to the bill when pay dates are missed.

If you do not stay in contact with us and have not finished paying including any fees after 60 days we have the right to re sell your suit and you will not be refunded.

If payments are being made through PayPal: The client is responsible for PayPal transaction fees otherwise we can set up a bank transfer direct debit/standing order and you do not need to pay these additional fees.  If you are unsure of what to send through a transaction, please use the PayPal calculator:

Backing Out
If you cancel/back out of a commission, without good reason, after you have started paying, you will be put on a banned list and will not be able to commission cwoodsdean creations in any way again.

If you back out of the commission, your deposit will not be refunded! If you have paid more than the deposit will we refund you a set amount based on how much of your commission we have started! This also includes any materials we have purchased or any time we have felt we have spent planning or communicating with you on the project. If you are entitled to any refunds this will be refunded back to the account that originally paid it. Please be were that refunds can take up to 60 days to complete.  



If the product has been fully finished and is awaiting to be paid off and then is cancelled, No refund shall be given at all. We do not encourage back out's/ cancellations so if you feel this it is a possibility for you please do not place an order. 

We reserve the right to alter the design and sell that suit on, or destroy the creation if you back out, cut contact or refuse to pay. We will try to make edits to to the design so that the characters are not the same. 

We do not accept deadlines or date completion requests. We will give you a rough idea as to when we feel the order will be fulfilled but please keep in mind that this can always and is most likely to change due to the unforeseen happening of the world in 2020-2021. We can not guarantee when your order will be finished and can only give our rough predictions. If we give you a predicted time, we can not/should not be held to this. 


Please also keep in mind that we may work on yours and other projects at the same time. The number you have in a que does not necessarily affect when the work is done on the suit or when it will be finished. 

We only accept custom orders from over 18’s. Proof of age is required upon ordering. 

If you are under the age of 18 and are at least 15 years of age, a parent/guardian/ someone who is 18 can order for you. All payments and communications must be made via them. We will not communicate or do businesses with anyone under 18 year of age. I


If you are ordering for someone else, it will need to be made clear as to who and what relationship you have to them. All legal matter such as terms of contract will need to be handled and signed by you ( the over 18 year old). 


If you are found out to be under 18 during the process of making your commission you will be dropped from the list immediately  and any items made will be kept, re used or resold and any payments made will be kept and non-refundable. You will also be banned from commissioning us in the future. 


If your application is successful there is likely to be a large amount of communication from us to ask questions and make sure we know what you want. We try and get as much detail as we can via our application form process so that we do not need to keep messaging you during production. This makes our jobs easier, especially when our time zones can be different. Please be aware that if we do need to message you for anything and you do not get back to us, this could result in production on your costume being put on hold or in some cases us going with the the best choice we think at the time. ( example, unsure on a colour) If something is made that you are not happy with in result of you not getting back to us after a long amount of time(2 weeks or more) With out nay communication from you, anything that you want then changed will be an additional fee. 


When communicating with us we respond to a number of social media outlets. To keep information streamline we like to stick to 1 main choice for all back and forth communication. This can be done either by Email or Telegram. 

We prefer the use of telegram. If this is the option you also prefer we will set up a chat for you to be able to talk to us. This will be made up of peoples personal telegram accounts and we ask that you do not message them directly, leak information or cause them issues. In most cases only 1 person will be in this chat. We set this up so that we can bring people in if need to, and that so all info can be easily accessed with out getting confused by non work conversations. (This is mainly set in place for those who Yoka talks  for other projects or un fursuit related/general convocations) This chat is set up to act like a "in work hours" chat. 


We keep a copy of the application form you submit. If your application is not approved you can request to have this data removed from our files after a 2 week period from you receiving a confirmation that your slot has not been accepted. If you do not request this we keep all applications on file for 6 months then it is deleted. This is so that if there i a opening you do not have to re submit a application. 


If your application is accepted we will need to keep this information so we can work on your custom costume. With out the application form we will not be able to work on your suit. Once the suit has been finished we keep a record of the applications as prof of production. If you would like for the application to be deleted after you have received your costume you can request this by emailing us after the warranty of your suit has expired. 

We do not share any information with outside parties. All information is kept only for us to be able to make you your costume. In return we ask that you respect our privacy; By commissioning us you agree not to screenshot any conversations with us during or after the production process. This is in any form of social media, emails or other outlets. You agree not to share our personal information such as names, address and other information you may receive.  

The client agrees to message us privately on Facebook (Facebook message) at 'cwoodsdean creations', Or via Email with regards to problems/concerns and not publicly. 

Changes to Application Form

If for what ever reason you need to change any information you have submitted on your application form. Please contact us as soon as you need to make a change. This refers to changes like your legal name, address, phone number or payment info. Not information related to your character. You will not be able to make changes to your costume once production has started. If you do not inform us about a change you could risk in your suit getting shipped tot he wrong place or we could run into other issues. 

Concept Art, Character Description & Copyright
We ask for a reference sheet of your character before we can give you a quote. This is a clear visual concept of your character with front side and back views. This can be hand drawn or a digital drawing but must be clear! We have the right to refuse a reference if it is not clear or inappropriate. We do accept art work that is slightly NSFW. Such as breasts/boobs and/or nipples. Any other human or animal genitalia is consider inappropriate to be submitted. 

By submitting a concept/reference sheet to us you agree that you own all rights  to the character you have submitted and the reference sheet the character is drawn on. (Example, if your character belongs to you but is presented on a reference sheet that someone else has drawn and  you not not have permission to use. 

If we identify that you have stolen or we question if you have permission to use a free to use template we will make this clear and will ask for you to re submit an application or refuse your application all together. 


In some case we may not be able to spot if you have stolen art or a character.  We can not be held responsible if someone has stolen character. But we advice you not to steal or rip off others because it will result in your commission being cancelled and you will not be refunded. 

Cwoodsdean Creations uses different materials for things such as tongue, teeth, noes and claws. These options are not always provided/ listed and unless instructed we will use what we fill works best and suits your costume.  Some materials may come at an additional cost but will be made clear if so. If you do not ask, do not assume which materials we are going to use as we may chose something we think fits your design best but may not be what you had in mind. 

It is the client’s responsibility to provide specific details such as facial expression, unusual markings, accessories, etc.


Cwoodsdean Creations normally makes cute, bright and unique character designs. We 

It is the client’s responsibility to provide all details of what they want the character to look like. But cannot expect us to copy a style of someone else.

Some designs may be impossible to reproduce. Such as hair style, markings ect. If this is the case, we will discuss alternatives with the client.

Some colours can not be produced in the form of fur so sometimes will need to come to a agreement as to what fur colours will be used. 

The client understands that cwoodsdean creations will not copy the concept art perfectly and will build the fursuit in our own style.

Cwoodsdean Creations will not reproduce copyrighted characters. Such as those from video games.  

If any copyrighted characters are submitted to us and made by us without our knowledge we cannot be held responsible.

Last-Minute Changes
Once commission has been agreed upon and the deposit has been paid; you will not be able to change it! So please make sure you submit the correct reference you want to get made into a costume. We may allow small alterations. Extra charges may apply.

Work-in-progress, Photos and Updates
Work-in-progress updates and/or photos will be posted as we please. If you would like an update of something you have not yet seen and are aware it is done, feel free to ask. If we have posted a full, up-to-date photo and do not wish to post more unnecessary photos you do not have the right to demand more photos. On a case-by-case basis. 


We now have a Telegram Update Channel for you to follow us and stay up to date:


Production Time

When submitting an application, it will be listed when your suit is scheduled to e started. If you are un sure please ask us. In rare but some cases things happen which can cause delays on start time. We will do our best to make sure this does not happen or if it does we will do our best to make up for lost time. But please keep in mind that sometimes we can not be 100% accurate on production time as some things can taken longer to make then expected. 

From past experience we can finish a full fursuit in as little as 2 weeks. And for a head only slot, 1 weekend. But it could take a few months for us to fully finish your commission as we often make things together. This means if we have more then 1 cat head to make we may work on all of them at the same time which means it takes longer for 1 particular suit to be finished but in the long run easier for us to cut and make multiple head bases at once, and fur at once ect. 

Additionally, if we need to make or order parts externally, for example, noes or claws. Or any 3D printed elements. This could take a few weeks to a couple of months to sort and receive before we can fit to your costume or begin the main production work on it.

Once started we will keep you updated weekly on the progress of your commission. 


We require the following things from you depending on the type of slot you have. If your slot includes a head, we will need your measurements. If your slot contains hands or feet, we will need you to send us a hand drawn template around one of your hands & feet. So we have a more accurate template of you the shape of your hand/feet then just a general label size. For slots with body's we will need you to create a DTD (Duct tape Dummy) and send this in along with the hand and foot template. 

Click here for a video on how to make a Duct Tape Dummy. We recommend this tutorial that was made by Skyehigh Studios

Note: Please wash before you make your DTD. Additionally, please spray the inside of the duct tape dummy once you are out of it so that any bacteria does not stay inside and build up over time.  Please help keep us safe!

The client will pay for all shipping costs. 

 YOUR QUOTE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COST. Shipping costs will be calculated once the product is complete. Each suit weighs in differently, and for this reason we must wait until the product is ready and measured. We can however give an estimated shipping cost. But this is never 100% and can change at any time. 

We do not accept cash on delivery. Shipping payment must be received prior to sending the product.


We do not offer collections/pick ups.

Fursuits will be shipped with tracking. If you would like to add insurance this will be extra. Please make this aware to us if you wish to add this. 

Cwoodsdean creations is not responsible for any additional import charges you have to pay when receiving your products.

We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. You will have to take any problems up with the delivery service. We pack our products nicely so they will not be damaged with normal and reasonable care. 


Once the product has left our workshop we can not be held responsible for any lost or stolen goods. We make sure to provide you with a tricking number so you can then track where your parcel is.

In the event that the client (you) cancel your commission, the production will be stopped and any parts made will be kept to be reused or resold. If we will that what we have made (example a fursuit head) is very distinct in character design we will make edits so that it can be re used or resold as a different character. If we feel the product are generic ( example: white and black paws) we may not make any edits. 

We reserve the right to alter the design and sell that suit on, or destroy the creation if you back out, cut contact or refuse to pay. We will try to make edits to to the design so that the characters are not the same. 

Cancelling can result in being banned from future commissions. 

If you back out of the commission, your deposit will not be refunded! If you have paid more than the deposit will we refund you a set amount based on how much of your commission we have started! This also includes any mistrals we have purchased or any time we have felt we have spent panning or communicating with you on the project. If you are entitled to any refunds this will be refunded back to the account that originally paid it. Please be were that refunds can take up to 60 days to complete.  

If the product has been fully finished and is awaiting to be paid off and then is cancelled, No refund shall be given at all. We do not encourage back out's/ cancellations so if you feel this it is a possibility for you please do not place an order. 

Cwooodsdean creations reserves the right to complete the cancelled fursuit, whether cancelled by the client or on our terms, redesign it as we wish, and sell it.

If we decided to cancel your commission for what ever reason we will inform you as to why and you will be refunded the full amount of any payment you have made. (including the non refundable deposit)

If we decided to cancel your commission because you have done something to void your agreement with us you will receive no refund. 

Once suit has been sent it cannot be refunded and sent back. Once sent, it is yours and you own the rights to it and can do as you wish. This includes if you wish to sell it or make changes.

We now offer a 6 month warranty.  Sometimes small parts can come undone even if we take good time and care to make sure this does not happen. Depending on the damage and reason behind it you may be asked to pay a small fee.
We have the right to refuse any fix-ups even with in this period if we believe you are responsible for the damage! You must pay shipping to get the product to us. We will pay to ship back to you! Most of the time, small issues can be resolved at home. (Example: hot glue to fix something that is pealing off slightly.) If it is a easy home fix we will suggest you fixing this your self to save time and money. We will not fix "wear and tear" on the suit. 

If the suit does not fit ( the measurements are very off) We will ask for you to ship the suit back and we will pay cover the costs of shipping. 


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