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To celebrate 7 years of fursuit making we will be offering a FREE Custom Fursuit Partial!


Q:What is a custom fursuit partial?

A: If you win you will receive a free custom partial costume of your chosen character. A partial means you will get a head, hands and a tail.


How the winner will be selected:

I will be selecting raffle ticket number out of a box on live stream on 20th December 2021. [TIME TBC] Each raffle ticket number will have a username on the back.


The live steam will take place on my YouTube channel here:

How to Enter:

Step 1: FOLLOW

You get one FREE entry for EACH account you follow and comment on the correct post. ( SO A MAXIMUM OF 5 CHANCES!!)

You will need to stay followed to us in order to win. We will check.


Q: What if I have 2 accounts?

A: If you have and use more than one account you can enter with more than one account. As there is no way for us to track this due to privacy, we will just allow multiple account entries. This is the same for those who have different usernames on different platforms.

However, we will not accept entries from blank accounts or accounts that clearly have just been made to enter this giveaway more than once.

Step Two: RETWEET/Share

Retweet the entry post on one of the 5 accounts. [or all of them to give you a higher % chance of winning] We will have a pinned post on all 5 platforms (Instagram is a little trickier. We will have the post pinned as a highlight] 


Q: How do I retweet on Instagram?

A: Once you have followed our page, you can save or screen grab our photo. You can also save the photo from Facebook or twitter and use that. Upload this to your own account along with your ref sheet as the second photo. My photo must be the first and you must upload to your page and not your story. As i can't keep track of these. You must keep this post up until the raffle has ended!  Make sure to tag us in otherwise we may not see it! The photo should be the first photo in multiple selection. You may need to make sure your account privacy is set so we can be tagged and see your page.

           THIS PHOTO:

NOTE: When sharing posts on Facebook remember to have your settings for the post set to public. If it is private/friends only it won’t show me that you have done it and you won’t be entered.

Q: How do I share on Facebook?

A: Once you have liked the page, share the pinned post to your own Facebook. You must make sure your settings of that post are set to public. You also then once posted need to comment on that post with your ref sheet. Facebook allows me to see all public shares in once place and the comments on those posts but it is a LOT harder to check ref entry's posted on my main post.

Step Three: Comment

Comment on each entry post with your reference sheet or reference image. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy ref sheet you will be allowed to change/update it later. And as long as the character is the same level of complexity, we will also allow you to switch the character later if you choose to do so. So don’t worry so much about what to submit right now. Once the winner has been chosen that winner will then need to make a final decision and after it has been confirmed then you will not be able to change the chosen character. 


You can pay for an additional entry here

(1 ADDITIONAL Entry is £5 and the max amount of entries you can buy is 5)*

*This is to try and put a max amount to how many times your name can be in there. As we want to keep the balance and try and make this as fair for everyone, if someone can pay to have their name put in 50 times it seems less fair. The money from additional entries will go towards supplies for the costume. If we get more paid entries then expected then we may offer free shipping to the winner]


I will also be giving out 5 FREE additional entries to characters I really like and would love to make. This may be based on a design aspect or may be down to a certain species.  If you would like to be picked for an additional entry, please use this code below. This tells us that you have read this page. It also means that you agree that you can’t change the character entry later like normal. If you are given an extra chance to win because your submission is interesting and then later change it, we see this as unfair. Use the code in your comment. 



Entry Requirements:

  • You may post multiple characters and let me choose if you want, but please include them in one comment! (Or insta post) I am also willing to do artistic liberty. If you would like an artistic liberty suit please submit this photo;

  • Maximum of 5 colors [Colours may need to be changed slightly when your suit goes into production. Some colours are very hard to get hold of and cost a lot more. As this is a free suit we will use colours that we either have or can get for a regular price. You will have the option to upgrade fur for an additional price but otherwise you won't be charged.

  • Complex markings okay but they may need to be simplified

  • People under the age of 18 can enter! But please make sure to check with a parent or guardian before hand as they will need to be in charge of handling the commission slot for you if you do win. 

  • Species can be anything that is a real-life animal or a hybrid of them unless stated below. Also okay are (Angel dragons, Manokits, Sergals Dragons, raptors, Shark Hybrids, Hybrids with fins)

  • I will not accept (Fish, Bugs that are not listed, Snakes, Frogs, Lizards/most reptiles. Dinos other than raptors, Chickens/roosters, ducks or birds with flat beaks. Any fandom made species that are not listed above. 

  • EDIT: (This list is of species i won't accept at this time that i didn't think of when i started the raffle.) Kangaroo, Koala, Sloth, Giraffe, Bats. Hippos, Crocks, Alligators, Rinos. 

  • If you have something that you are unsure about you can message me or feel free to enter it. If it is something I will not accept I will let you know.

If you submit a ref sheet that has a species that is not accepted you will receive this message:

"Please check the raffle rules."


You could also get this message if it is unclear what your species is or if you post a photo of a real life animal.

You will also get this message if you have not correctly re posted/shared. 

Q: How will I know if I have been entered?

A: I will like your post/comment with 1 or both of my accounts from that platform. + You will get a comment with a number. Each ticket will have the user name on the ticket so don't worry about forgetting your number. 

UPDATE: [15/11/2021 As we have received a unexpected amount of entries via Twitter we will not be able to respond to everyone so will only give out ticket numbers to Facebook, insta and website entries. Twitter will be handles via a automotive raffle system to help with the amount of entries Where as the other platforms will be continued to be sorted manually. 

About the winning slot

This slot will be scheduled for June 2022 start and completion.  We now work with Runawayworkshop for a lot of species we currently do to offer in our own base style. We use our own custom 3D printed eye blanks and build up onto the base to fit the look of the character. Strap on the back fits your measurements with Velcro.

Parts by other makers include;

Canine & Feline noses by Beauty of the Bass Creations

Other parts made by Dream Vision Creations.

Claws by FURRISTA 





This is a giveaway/raffle so the fursuit will be free. There will be some options later in a  form that will allow you to upgrade certain things and add stuff. Such as LED’s, Fans, NFT fur ect. These extra things will cost and you can choose to add them or stick with the standard free options.


Shipping will not be free! This will need to be covered. You are welcome to pay this as a payment plan. In small amounts over a 5-month period or in 1 go at the end. If you would like the payment plan option, we will get a quote for the shipping now but this could change later on. If it ends up being less, we will refund you any amount you have over paid and if you have underpaid you will need to pay the difference.

Shipping outside the UK to places such as the US are normally £180-£300 and You will be responsible for any Duty, tax or other charges that may occur.

UK shipping is £15-£50

If you live in London, you will also have the option of free collection.  

Payments will be handled via PayPal.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us! 

Twitter -> CWDCreations_UK on Twitter

Insta ->  @cwoodsdean


2021 Giveaway.jpg
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